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Fitness Shoot with Heather, Nicole and Nick

Sunday night I went down to Golds Gym to do a fitness shoot and with Heather, Nicole and Nick the cross trainer.  I can’t believe how good of shape these three are in.  The amount of dedication and sacrifice it took them preparing for this shoot is quite impressive.   Personally I couldn’t have done it… i enjoy food way to much:)I had a good time lighting this shoot and I’m really happy with how the shots turned out.  Heather came up with the idea of bringing these huge (and really heavy) chains; they look awesome in the shots.   Thanks to Lindsey S. for coming to help me out.  I can’t wait to shoot with these guys again.  Here are a few of my favorites:

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  • Jean Haughey - very impressive Jason. Can I be your assistant sometime?

  • Lindsey - The shots look amazing!!! Where did you take the photo of Nick with the all black background…i think thats my favourite!! And not just because he is so fit…its the lighting that I really like. For as nervous as he was….you got a very relaxed frontal portrait of him…now thats a talented photographer!

  • Mma Calgary - Every word falls short to describe your photographic talent. The shots were amazing and stunning. It was really a good idea to incorporate that heavy chain.

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